The Twilight Zone On Adobe’s New Media Player

Adobe Media Player was launched today. My first impression: It rocks. My judgment might have been clouded by the availability of The Twilight Zone though. Either way, that’s awesome! It will probably have a significant impact in the online video realm, so I found it worthy of mentioning here. I grabbed a screenshot from The Twilight Zone, playing in Adobe Media Player as a quick sample. I encourage you to check it out for yourself though.

Twilight Zone on Adobe Media Player

“Adobe launched the Adobe Media Player 1.0 today. Adobe’s Media Player is a standalone Video Jukebox application that runs under their AIR platform. The Media Player is compatible with both PCs and Macs.” –

“In many ways, the Adobe Media Player mimics iTunes Video and Podcast functionality by providing users with an all-enclosed application that provides access to network shows and podcasts. Content is sparse at the moment, but Adobe has partnered with a number of content providers such as CBS, PBS, MTV and more. Unlike iTunes, however, Adobe’s Media Player is not presently a “store” and offers free and ad-supported content. Adobe, however, has said that it plans on adding payment systems later to offer purchase and rental options.”

Pretty cool stuff! The main ‘win’ is that it has full support for Mac. Until they incorporate Netflix into the program, I’ll be busy watching The Twilight Zone!

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