Ghosts, Ghouls & Monsters-of-the-Day Halloween Drawing Day 7: Something Wicked Monster

Today features the Something Wicked Monster Thing. This could perhaps be the thing of nightmares. It really depends on how you feel about a monster with no mouth.

Something Wicked Monster Thing Drawing
Day 7: Something Wicked Monster Thing

Genius is non-transferable…

The Ad Contrarian on the lasting impact of Steve Jobs/Apple products:

Jobs hasn’t just created better computers, he has created a world that nobody else could envision. He brought an artist’s sensibility to a field previously populated by capable but tone-deaf engineers. He didn’t just make beautiful looking hardware, he took what was a dead screen full of little green letters on a blue background and turned it into an astounding, enchanting world of graphics, music, and video that has become a central feature of contemporary life.Advertising and the Future of Apple

Thanks @Gruber Daring Fireball for the link!

Watch Me Speed Draw: Cookie Monster!

Watch me speed draw Cookie Monster from ‘Sesame Street’! It’s a Muppet-fun drawing experiment. I used pencil, Prismacolor markers and pen to do the drawing.

Note: I originally narrated as I drew, but in real time the video is 12 minutes long and I didn’t want to bore anyone. So this is done silent-film style!

I’ll have more speed drawings soon!

The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Drawing-A-Day May 2: Hoth Luke

May 21, 2010 marks the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, the second Star Wars film. Today’s drawing is of Hoth Luke.

Hoth Luke drawing from The Empire Strikes Back
Hoth Luke Drawing

Who do you think will be tomorrow’s subject?