Microsoft’s Search Engine ‘Live’ is now ‘Bing’ and it’s live, lol


Microsoft’s replacement for is It doesn’t suck, for a Microsoft product works pretty well. They’re touting it as a decision engine. Here’s a brief summary from

“Bing…is Microsoft’s new search engine; a reincarnation of Microsoft Live Search that is infinitely more usable. Since its launch yesterday in preview form, Bing has definitely received a fair amount of acclaim from around the blogosphere and preliminary user feedback is pretty positive as well. In the short time we’ve tested the site so far, Bing mobile is no different. The site is nice and spry, results pages are laid out well with web, image, news and local breakdowns one click away, and Bing will format linked pages for your phone if you so choose –  just like Google.”

Check it out and see what you think!

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