Are You Ready to Test the New Google?

Test New GoogleGoogle will be upgrading their search engine soon – there are lots of tweaks (it’s faster, real-time, etc). It sounds like keywords will have even greater weight than before.

Test Out New Google

Here’s a great rundown of some of the new features/upgrades of the new Google:

Google Caffeine: A Detailed Test of the New Google

New Google is FAST: It often doubled the speed of Google classic.

New Google relies more on keywords: SEO professionals, your job just got a lot harder. The algorithm’s definitely different. It has more reliance on keyword strings to produce better results.

Search is moving into real-time: Being able to get info on breaking events is clearly a priority for Google and Bing. With both Twitter (Twitter) and Facebook (Facebook) launching real-time search engines, they needed to respond.

It’s partially a response to Bing: At least, that’s how we feel. This new search has a focus on increasing speed, relevancy, accuracy, and the index volume, things that Microsoft really hit on when it released Bing. It feels as if Google “Caffeine” is meant to shore up any deficiencies it may have when compared to Microsoft’s offering, though it’s been in the works long before Bing launched.

Pretty cool!

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