Rian On Why He’s sticking with Instapaper

Instapaper IconInstapaper is by far the best ‘read it later‘ iOS app. It’s easy to use, reliable, well designed and only costs $4.99, which is less than the price of  your favorite highly specialized coffee beverage.

It’s creator, Marco Arment is the sole proprietor/developer/designer, and every Instapaper purchase helps feed his family. Rian over at eleza.com has a great post that really nails it about what makes Instapaper so special and why many of us choose it over some of it’s more recent competitors:

If there’s a point to this story, it’s this. We’re entering an era where software is personal. By now we’ve all gotten over the initial shock of how the Internet can remove geographical barriers and turn us into one big happy, arguing family.

We’re coming to terms with the fact that the Internet is people all the way down. So now we can start to figure out what that actually means. I think it means that we’re going to pay increasingly more attention to the people who make the things we use, and their personalities will become inseparable from their work. Loyalty will come from our relationships with people, not things.Which is why I’m sticking with Instapaper.

via Why I’m sticking with Instapaper.