My Custom Graveyard Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween! This year’s costume was my most ambitious ever: a Custom Beetlejuice Costume: The Graveyard Scene Version!

Usually, whenever people choose Beetlejuice for a costume, they make the white and black striped version. But I don’t remember ever having seen a Graveyard Beetlejuice Costume, so that’s what I chose to create for this year’s Halloween!

Yes, that’s real moss on the costume too!

Graveyard Scene Beetlejuice Costume

David Bigler's Custom Graveyard Beetlejuice Costume
My Custom Graveyard Beetlejuice Costume

Everything was created using found objects that I modified – I don’t think any elements of the costume went untouched! I completely customized the wig by staining and styling it; I artificially ‘aged’ the trench coat and other clothes; painted a custom print on the shirt and did the makeup myself too. Here’s a brief rundown of the costume pieces:

Graveyard Beetlejuice Reference
Graveyard Beetlejuice Reference

Graveyard Beetlejuice Costume

  • Clothes include a white t-shirt, a red button-up collared shirt, dress pants and trenchcoat. These were all ‘like new’ clothes that I custom aged by paint, tearing, etc.
  • Hat – Cheap police officer’s hat that I customized
  • Head/hands – customized white wig, bald cap, face makeup, and acrylic paint
  • Reference: Screenshots galore from the graveyard scene of the movie

This was one of the most fun, yet curious problem-solving exercise I’ve ever done. Although last year was difficult to make, this one was waaayyy more complicated. It was great though, even if it took a super-long-time to get ready.

If you have any detailed questions about costuming, let me know!


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19 thoughts on “My Custom Graveyard Beetlejuice Halloween Costume”

  1. Damn I was doing the same graveyard beetlejuice. Im desperately looking for a trench coat like this. I havent seen trench coats that nice since my brother was in high school 12 years ago! Help me find a trench coat? Or sell me yours?

    1. It started off as a cheap ‘Beetleguise-style’ wig that was practically solid yellow. The hair was terribly straight. I took some cheap ‘beach head’ style styling cream, spray paint and acrylic paint and randomly shaped and colored it till it looked right!

      1. Thanks for the wig tips. I always like this version of the cheaper B/W stripes version seen in every Halloween store. It turned out great!

    1. The one I bought was originally blue. I made up a batch of gray acrylic paint and added a bit of fabric medium to help it flow, then painted over the blue parts of the hat. It went on pretty well!

      1. Good Deal. Gonna look into that this weekend. I was able to find a trench coat at the local Goodwill as well as the burgundy shirt. Hopefully I can age them. Not sure about the moss tho… I think Home Depot sells some sheet moss. Gonna check that out. Last question. How did you decide on pants and shoes? It’s hard to get a real clear picture of that in the movie.

        1. Funny thing is that I did use one of the cheesy Beetlejuice wigs! I ended up giving it a haircut, added some acrylic paint (and spraypaint!), then did some sculpting with ‘beach head’ styling cream.

          Hope you have a happy Halloween! If you take pics, maybe send me a link!

  2. Well, I did it! In the end I was able to find a gray trench coat from Goodwill (women’s, but it worked) basic red type shirt and some old gray pants to match the coat. I bought some moss from Hobby lobby to super glue to sections of the coat… I also took some of the acrylic paint to the shirt and coat to dirty it up. I grabbed a super cheap police hate from Target, ripped off the badge and painted it with the paint and fabric medium. Worked like a charm… I added the “Guide” logo to the front. It was a little over-sized, but it didn’t look bad. For the wig I went with a cheap 80’s blonder rocker wig…. I trimmed a ton off it and made it fit just like the BeetleJuice wigs would with the over the top receding hairline. Stained it up with paints/dirt for a dirty look and styled in with some Pomade hair stuff. The toughest part was the makeup…. the white never looked great unless it was in a dim or darker area. I did take some of the moss and glued to the edges of my face with spirit gum. That kinda helped the overall makeup job. Anyways, thanks for the help on this. I’ll send you a link through the contact portion of the site.

  3. I’m going to use this article as a guideline, as I’ve been wanting to put this costume together for a WHILE, for a convention I attend called Cinema Wasteland…..

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