Original Clash of the Titans Film? Great! Clash of the Titans Remake Teaser Trailer? Yuck!


Clash of the Titans is one of the great 1980s fantasy films that I grew up with. The story is based off the myth of Perseus (played by Harry Hamlin), who is the son of Zeus (played by Laurence Olivier). He must save the Princess Andromeda by completing a bunch of challenging (and almost impossible) tasks that Zeus has created. These include capturing Pegasus (an awesome flying horse), slaying Medusa (who has snakes for hair that can turn you into stone), and defeating the Kraken (an enormous sea monster).

It’s a weird 1940s/1980s hybrid film featuring visual effects courtesy of stop-motion master Ray Harryhausen. There are tons of incredible creature designs (Calibos being my favorite), fun action (the Medusa battle) and epic scope (the Kraken) that it made a strong impression on me as a five-year old.

For me, it’s a pretty great, nostalgic fantasy film. When I originally heard the news that it was being remade, I was mostly interested to see what the cast would be like, how they would update the creatures and pump up the action. Once I heard that the usually-awesome Sam Worthington (as Perseus) and Liam Neeson (as Zeus) were signed up I was even more interested.

So we finally have a glimpse of  (New) Clash of the Titans and it’s not what I was expecting from a teaser trailer:

I’m not so crazy about it. I love great teaser trailers. When properly edited, they can immediately make you want to see the film. Which I guess this does, but (CAUTION: RANT) it shows so much crap that I certainly hope the ‘more’ is better than this. I have no idea of why they chose to show us a bunch of random battles and ork-like creatures. Why was the scorpion the only big ‘baddie’ that was highlighted? What’s up with the earthy-desaturated style? (END RANT)

Oh well. Hopefully ‘New’ Clash of the Titans is better than the teaser trailer makes it out to be. What do you think of the teaser?

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