Monster-of-the-Day Halloween Drawing Day 25: Pinhead from Hellraiser

Here’s today’s Monster-of-the-Day Halloween Drawing: Pinhead from Hellraiser (yikes)! Isn’t Pinhead creepy? I think so – he scared me as a kid…so much that I never liked Hellraiser. But he makes a great monster, so I decided to include him with Jason, Freddy and The Shape (Michael Meyers).

Monster-of-the-Day Halloween Drawing Day 25
Monster-of-the-Day Halloween Drawing Day 25

For me, the entire month of October is usually dedicated to Halloween. So I decided to try something new in honor of the month. I’m going to draw and post one monster a day for the entire month! I’m calling it Monster-A-Day Halloween Drawings. I was inspired after one of my friends started a ‘photo-a-day’ project featuring pictures taken from his iPhone.

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