Monster-of-the-Day Halloween Drawing Day 20: Count Von Vampire

Today’s Monster-of-the-Day Halloween Drawing is Count Von Vampire. He isn’t as well known as his ‘oh-so-famous’ cousin (you know who), but he’s still kind of a big deal…or so he thinks!

Today’s drawing is anime-inspired. Drawn with ZIG Millennium pens (005, 03 and 08 weights) and Prismacolor markers.

Count Von Vampire Drawing
Count Von Vampire Drawing

For me, the entire month of October is usually dedicated to Halloween. So I decided to try something new in honor of the month. I’m going to draw and post one monster a day for the entire month! I’m calling it Monster-A-Day Halloween Drawings. I was inspired after one of my friends started a ‘photo-a-day’ project featuring pictures taken from his iPhone.

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