Daily Creature Feature Day 16: Zombie legs

Well, it’s day 16 in this wonderful month of October. So far, I’ve been hitting all the goals of my Daily Creature Feature by getting a drawing finished each day. I’ve debuted each one to my friends on Facebook first, followed up by publishing it on my site, Instagram and finally tweeting it. If only I could eliminate that part I’d probably have an extra half hour or so to work! It’s no big deal though. The biggest challenge so far has been that I start with a clean slate each day. Unlike the last few times that I’ve attempted done this, I haven’t planned any of the creatures ahead of time. This means each one is hatched/birthed/conjured up the day I publish it. It’s been beneficial because so far it’s allowed me to be spontaneous and forces me to manage my time (and be a bit more creative). I’ve created a pretty smooth workflow, starting with a little sketch and ending with the final touched up image. The hard part has been making sure it meets my subjective set of standards of construction.

Enough about process – let me show you today’s creature! While I was working on it, I was thinking ‘zombie like creature’, but then one of my friends mentioned it looked more alien. So, I’ll let you decide. Does it look more like the lower half of:

  1. Zombie legs
  2. Mittens without pants and without any pink makeup on his arms and hands
  3. Alien Mittens walking back to his pod
  4. All of the above
Daily Creature Feature Day 17 Alien Zombie Mittens
Day 17: Alien Zombie Mittens Romney


I look forward to revealing creature number 17 to you tomorrow!