A Critical Reading of Yesterday’s Apple Event

Is Apple beginning to slowly retreat from the skeumorphic designs? I hope so. Here’s a great observation from Matt Alexander:

In a similar vein, it’s worth noting that iPhoto for iOS abandons some of the kitschy skeumorphic design tendencies apparent in its iLife brethren. Aside from some glass shelves and book effects, iPhoto boasts an interface bereft of an overarching metaphor akin to iBooks, Contacts, or Calendar. Instead of pretending to be something it’s not, iPhoto puts the importance of the end-user’s interactions at the height of its priorities. In doing so, Apple has demonstrated its willingness to innovate with a disregard for immediate unilateral consistency. Rather than doggedly abiding by the aesthetic conventions previously set out by OS X or iOS, with iPhoto, Apple has shown its capability to abandon a cross-platform concept when the need arises. Such is also the case with the apparent removal of Google Maps from iPhoto’s location functions.

via ONE37 – Blog – A Critical Reading of Yesterday’s Apple Event.